Monitoring and encouraging participation in sport and physical activity

Organisers: Simon Choppin & John Kelley, Sheffield Hallam University

Schedule: Friday 8th June 11:45 - 12:45

Short name (in EasyChair): Participation in sport (S13)

Technology is playing an increasingly prominent role in sport and physical activity. Many of us wear or carry sensors which track our movements and monitor our heart rate  — whether we’re running in the park or competing at the elite level. At the same time, the Western World is facing a public health crisis. Levels of obesity (in adult and childhood populations) are predicted to increase, alongside associated physical and mental health conditions. Exercise and physical activity is one way to increase public health and has been shown to have positive effects on a number of physical and mental conditions. Technology can be our ally when encouraging others to exercise. It can be used to create new environments for exercise or to reveal effective ways to encourage participation.

This symposium explores the ways we can meet the challenges of increasing physical activity and encouraging participation.

11:45-12:00    Anne Carter and Emily Hall
Increasing participation in canine sport: minimising the risk to the canine athlete
12:00-12:15    Damien Dupre, Nicole Andelic, Daniel Moore, Gawain Morrison and Gary McKeown
Multivariate Body Area Network of Physiological Measures “In the Wild”: A case study with zipline activity
12:15-12:30    Simon Choppin, John Kelley, Jeff Breckon, Mike Graney and Steve Haake
Examining continued participation in Parkrun
12:30-12:45    Marcel van der Kuil and Sebastian Buurma
Digital coaching of runners using HRV –  lessons learned from a coaching perspective


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