Published Conference Papers

A selection of papers from the Measuring Behavior 2002 conference has been published as a special issue of the journal Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers. Copies of this publication can be ordered directly from Psychonomic Society Publications at


  • Jean Carletta, Stefan Evert, Ulrich Heid, Jonathan Kilgour, Judy Robertson, Holger Voormann. The NITE XML Toolkit: Flexible Annotation or Multimodal Language Data.

  • Andres Baravalle, Vitaveska Lanfranchi. Remote Web Usability Testing.

  • Laila Paganelli, Fabio Paternò. Tools for Remote Usability Evaluation of Web Applications through Browser Logs and Task Models.

  • Laura Faulkner. Beyond the Five-User Assumption: Benefits of Increased Sample Sizes in Usability Testing.

  • Piet J. Hoogeboom. Off-Line Synchronization of Measurements Based on a Common Pseudorandom Binary Signal.

  • Roland G. Jansen, Leon.F. Wiertz, Erik S. Meijer, Lucas P.J.J. Noldus. Reliability Analysis of Observational Data: Problems, Solutions, and Software Implementation.

  • Elhanan Gazit, David Chen. Using the Observer to Analyze Learning in Virtual Worlds.

  • Jan Peter de Ruiter, Stéphane Rossignol, Louis Vuurpijl, Douglas C. Cunningham, Willem J.M. Levelt. SLOT: A Research Platform for Inverstigating Multimodal Communication.

  • Jeffrey F. Cohn, Jing Xiao, Tsuyoshi Moriyama, Zara Ambadar & Takeo Kanade. Automatic Recognition of Eye Blinking in Spontaneously Occurring Behavior.

  • Gerald Kastberger, Reinhold Stachl. Infrared Imaging Technology and Biological Applications.

  • H.E.J. Veeger, F.C.T. van der Helm, E.K.J. Chadwick, D. Magermans. Toward Standardized Procedures for Recording and Describing 3-D Shoulder Movements.

  • Marc Rowley, Joe Stitt, Frank Hanson. Image Analysis of Small Animal Feeding Behavior.

  • Susan M. Melnick, Diana L. Dow-Edwards. Correlating Brain Metabolism With Stereotypic and Locomotor Behavior.

  • A. Berger, K.-M. Scheibe, S. Michaelis, W.J. Streich. Evaluation of Living Conditions of Free-Ranging Animals by Automated Chronobiological Analysis of Behavior.

  • Harriete Riese, Paul F.C. Groot, Mireille van den Berg, Nina H.M. Kupper, Ellis H.B. Magnee, Ellen, J. Rohaan, Tanja G.M. Vrijkotte, Gonneke Willemsen, Eco J.C. de Geus. Large-Scale Ensemble Averaging of Ambulatory Impedance Cardiograms.

  • Merijn van Tilborg, Jan N.C. van der Pers, Peter Roessingh, Maurice W. Sabelis. State-Dependent and Odor-Mediated Anemotactic Responses of a Micro-Arthropod on a Novel Type of Locomotion Compensator.

Published in Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers, Volume 35, No. 3, August 2003. Published by the Psychonomic Society, Austin, TX, USA. ISSN 0743-3808.

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