Exhibitors Overview

Companies operating in a broad range of behavior-related disciplines had been invited to exhibit their products at the conference. This included manufacturers of behavioral research equipment, activity monitors, microdialysis equipment, physiological sensors, biotelemetry and radio tracking systems, bat detectors, eye-tracking systems, biomechanics equipment, biofeedback systems, etc. Measuring Behavior 2002 was a great place to get up-to-date with what is on the market for modern behavioral research. The following companies were present at Measuring Behavior 2002:
AMTI is a worldwide supplier of Biomechanics force measurement technology including: 12 standard Biomechanics Force Platforms with custom sizes available, BioSoft software, the Accusway Balance/Postural Sway measurement and analysis system; and Orthopaedic implant wear simulators.
BIOPAC Systems, Inc.
BIOPAC provides solutions for all your research and educational data acquisition requirements. See the sophisticated MP150 data acquisition system with its range of 20+ amplifiers or receive a demonstration of the Biopac Student Lab System.
Cambridge Electronic Design
Powerful systems for acquisition and analysis of physiological and behavioral data with experimental control. Applications include electrophysiology, sleep studies, evoked response, sports physiology and eye movement. Systems can be customized for individual user requirements.
Cambridge Neurotechnology
Cambridge Neurotechnology has a range of activity monitoring devices for use in clinical and pre-clinical studies. The Actiwatch monitoring system is in use worldwide in many different applications from humans toa variety of species.
Data Sciences International
Data Sciences International provides telemetry systems for collecting and viewing physiological data from conscious, freely moving laboratory animals. Parameters such as blood pressure, ECG, EEG, EMG, temperature and activity can be collected without the use of restraint and tethering.
Kema Nederland bv
Kema Nederland bv is an international organization of over 1000 consultants and experts. The group 'Industrial use of surface water' delivers a broad range of products and services and carries out R&D activities on behavior and deflection of fish.
Metris is a young and innovative company developing measurement and signal-analysis systems. LABORAS, our product on display, is a fully automatic system for identification of behavioural elements in rodents. The technique is based on analysis of the vibrations induced by the animal movements. The following behaviours can be identified: grooming, feeding, drinking, locomotion, immobility, climbing and rearing. Additionally, tracking parameters like XY-position, speed, and distance are calculated.
NewBehavior offers transponder-based automated screening for cognitive changes in mutant mice living in their home cage and micro-GPS loggers for path recording in freely moving birds and mammals.
Noldus Information Technology
Noldus Information Technology develops software and instrumentation for recording and analyzing human or animal behavior. Besides standard software packages, Noldus also provides integrated data acquisition and analysis systems, including PCs and various sorts of audiovisual equipment, as well as complete observational laboratories. At the conference, ongoing demonstrations will be given of the latest versions of all available products, including The Observer, EthoVision, UltraVox, MatMan and the Video Course in Behavioural Observation. Special attention will be given to EthoVision 2.3 and The Observer 4.1. We will also be unveiling two new products for which the commercial launch is planned shortly after the conference: Sybar and Theme.

Somedic Sales AB
Somedic develops, manufactures and markets innovative instruments for physiology and pharmacology. At the conference we will demonstrate how to assess sensory functions, including pain, and a new system for determination of metabolic functions in unrestrained animals.

Systems Technology, Inc.
Systems Technology, Inc. (STI) is a small R&D business specializing in the analysis of human/machine system problems. STI has developed several software and simulation products for evaluating system safety and providing human operator training. STI will be represented by A&A.
Syntech’s product range includes application-specific hardware and software for electrophysiological signal recording and analysis; instruments for insect behavior research based on optical, acoustical and microwave sensors; and instruments for chemoreception research for laboratory and field applications.
Tracksys Ltd
Tracksys Ltd are the distributors of Noldus Information Technology and SensoMotoric Instruments in the UK and Ireland. They integrate a variety of products, many of which are designed in-house, to provide complete research solutions. These solutions include the use of eye-trackers, night and remote site 12-volt video systems, wireless video transmission equipment, infra-red lights and infra-red mazes for studying transgenic mice.
Vrije Universiteit FPP TD
The Division for Instrumentation of the Department of Psychophysiology will be demonstrating the Vrije Universiteit - Ambulatory Monitoring System (VU-AMS), a small battery-powered device designed for 24-hour measurement of ECG and thorax impedance (ICG) in real life situations.
Xsens supplies and develops miniature 3D inertial motion sensors such as the MT9, that measures 3D rate-of-turn, acceleration and earth-magnetic field. Combined with proprietary algorithms the MT9 provides real-time, high accuracy, 3D angular orientation data of e.g. human body segments. Xsens Technologies B.V. is a privately held research and development company, founded in 2000, as a spin-off from the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

Last updated: 1 December 2002