Interpersonal synchrony in physiology and behavior


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Interpersonal synchrony in physiology and behavior: measures and interpretation

Organizers: Organizers: Ivo Stuldreher (TNO, the Netherlands), Nattapong Thammasan (University of Twente, the Netherlands), Anne-Marie Brouwer (TNO, the Netherlands)

Description: Humans in groups interact and may or may not share emotional and cognitive responses to events occurring at the same time in the world. This can lead to certain patterns of covariation in individuals’ physiology and behavior. With the increasing quality and decreasing costs of sensors to measure physiology and behavior, opportunities arise to exploit measures of synchrony between individuals for inferring information about groups in real life. Research on synchrony varies according to the modality that is measured, such as electroencephalography, autonomic physiology, facial expression and movement. Somewhat related to this, interpretations of synchrony vary as well, where synchrony can be taken to reflect e.g. shared attention or feeling connected. It can be challenging to measure synchrony in a sensitive and valid way.

A more multidisciplinary approach to assess synchrony may bring the work on interpersonal synchrony further. We will bring together people who work on this emerging topic from different perspectives and to get to know each other. The discussion may lead to a shared opinion paper to be submitted to the Frontiers Measuring Behavior Research Topic  Developments in Implicit Measurements

Sponsorship The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research through the Neurolab project (NWA Startimpuls 400.17.602).


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