Published Conference Papers

A selection of papers from the Measuring Behavior 2005 conference has been published as a special issue of the journal Behavior Research Methods. Copies of this publication can be ordered directly from Psychonomic Society Publications at


  • Lia Hemerik, Tibor Bukivinsky, Rieta Gols, Joop C. van Lenteren, Louise E. Vet. Enter the Matrix: How to Analyze the Structure of Behavior.

  • Alessia Agliati, Antonietta Vescovo, Luigi Anolli. A New Methodological Approach to Nonverbal Behavior Analysis in Cultural Perspective.

  • Gudberg K. Jonsson, M. Teresa Anguera, Ángel Blanco-Villaseñor, José Luis Losada, Antonio Hernández-Mendo, Toni Ardá, Oleguer Camerino, Julen Castellano. Hidden Patterns of Play Interaction in Soccer Using SOF-CODER.

  • W. Barendregt, M.M. Bekker. Developing a Coding Scheme for Detecting Usability and Fun Problems in Computer Games for Young Children.

  • Antonio Solanas, Lluís Salafranca, Carles Riba, Vincenta Sierra, David Leiva. Quantifying Social Asymmetric Structures.

  • Birte Aßmann, Marco Thiel, Maria C. Romano, Carsten Niemitz. Recurrence Plot Analyses Suggest a Novel Reference System Involved in Newborn Spontaneous Movements.

  • Archana Sarkar, Arup Dutta, Usha Dhingra, Pratibha Dhingra, Priti Verma, Rakesh Juyal, Robert E. Black, Venugopal P. Menon, Jitendra Kumar, Sunil Sazawal. Development and Use of Behavior and Social Interaction Software Installed on Palm Handheld for Observation of a Child's Social Interactions with the Environment.

  • François Brémond, Monique Thonnat, Marcos Zúñiga. Video-Understanding Framework for Automatic Behavior Recognition.

  • Klaus Manfred Scheibe, Cora Gromann. Application Testing of a New Three-Dimensional Acceleration Measuring System with Wireless Data Transfer (WAS) for Behavior Analysis.

  • J.S. Church, D.G. Martz, N.J. Cook. The Use of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) for Capturing Digital Video Files for Use in both The Observer and Ethovision.

  • Fabiénne C. Schasfoort, J.B.J. (Hans) Bussmann, Wim. L.J. Martens, Henk J. Stam. Objective Measurement of Upper Limb Activity and Mobility During Everyday Behavior Using Ambulatory Accelerometry: The Upper Limb Activity Monitor.

  • C. Micheloni, C. Piciarelli, G.L. Foresti. How a Visual Surveillance System Hypothesizes How You Behave.

  • Rachel Blaser, Robert Gerlai. Behavioral Phenotyping in Zebrafish: Comparison of Three Behavioral Quantification Methods.

  • Ruud van den Bos, Wilma Lasthuis, Esther den Heijer, Johanneke van der Harst, Berry Spruijt. Toward a Rodent Model of the Iowa Gambling Task.

  • M. Pastell, A.-M. Asila, M. Hautala, V. Poikalainen, J. Praks, I. Veermäe, J. Ahokas. Contactless Measurement of Cow Behavior in a Milking Robot.

  • W.J. Tastle, M.J. Wierman. An Information Theoritic Measure for the Evaluation of Ordinal Scale Data.

  • J.S. Karn, A.J. Cowling. Using Ethnographic Methods to Carry Out Human Factors Research in Software Engineering.

Published in Behavior Research Methods, Volume 38, No. 3, August 2006. ISSN 0743-3808. Published by the Psychonomic Society, Austin, TX, USA.The links below take you to the table of contents of the special issues devoted to previous Measuring Behavior conferences:

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