BIOPAC Systems, Inc.
BIOPAC Systems Inc. develops, manufactures, and supports data acquisition and analysis systems for life science research and education, including wireless Ethernet and USB analog to digital converters, high-speed acquisition solutions, amplifiers, transducers, electrodes and accessories.

Brain Products
Solutions for neuro-physiological research, BrainVision product line, FMRI compatible EEG amplifiers.

FBI - Frank Buschmann International
FBI-Science provides research equipment for behavioral experiments with animals and humans specialised on the development of modern soft- & hardware, FBI-Science offers the whole range of technology that is necessary to run an experiment. Computer hardware, wireless network solutions, databases, and online analysis tools, experimental animals/subjects administration packages, programs for easy design of psychometric testing and stimuli delivery, multimedia operant learning chambers and much more. Products are developed and tested by scientists providing you with much expertise and unique ease of operation.

Data Sciences International
DSI provides complete systems for monitoring and collecting data from conscious, freely moving laboratory animals. No wires or tethers are needed, reducing stress to the animal. Parameters such as blood pressure, ECG, EEG, EMG, temperature and activity can be collected without the use of restraint and tethering.
There is more to Harlan than the company you know as a reliable supplier of laboratory animals, isolators and diets. We're a specialist organization with all expertise needed to support your research.
Hogrefe & Huber Publishers
Hogrefe & Huber Publishers has published psychology books, journals, and tests for more than 50 years, including the journals European Psychologist, Journal of Individual Differences, and Methodology.
Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research
The network TTM (Telemetry - Telematics - Monitoring) offers the storage telemetry systems ETHOSYS and ETHOLOC (activity and GIPS recording), and the wireless acceleration measurement system WAS for behavior recording in humans and animals.

Metris B.V.
Metris is rapidly improving its developments in animal behavior measuring equipment. The product line has been extended to the integration of behavior and physiological data, ultrasound measurement and sleep analysis. Metris will increasingly provide you the solution for automating your safety pharmacology processes and drug development.

Mini Mitter
Mini Mitter offers medical and scientific devices for ambulatory monitoring of physiological and behavioral parameters. Our small animal telemetry devices provide temperature, heart rate and activity data and don't require batteries or refurbishment.

NewBehavior provides systems for the fully automated behavioral and cognitive screening of animals. We offer solutions for free-ranging animals and laboratory animals housed individually as well as in social groups.

Noldus Information Technology
Noldus Information Technology develops software and instrumentation for recording and analyzing human or animal behavior. Besides standard software packages, Noldus also provides integrated data acquisition and analysis systems, including PCs and various sorts of audiovisual equipment, as well as complete observational laboratories. At the conference, ongoing demonstrations will be given of the latest versions of all available products, including The Observer, EthoVision, PhenoLab, UltraVox, MatMan, Theme and the Video Course in Behavioural Observation. Special attention will be given to EthoVision 3.1 and The Observer XT.
SMI, founded in 1991, is world's leading provider of eye tracking solutions for the scientific communities in fields including vestibular, ophthalmologic, psychological, reading, neurological, human factors, sports, ergonomic and marketing research as well as in medical diagnostic and therapy. SMI´s “iVIEW” and “3DVOG” systems are applied in a broad range of environments from laboratories over driving and airplane simulators, shopping malls, virtual environments to cars and planes. SMI services customer needs and support through its Berlin-based headquarters, Boston (USA) subsidiary and various distributors throughout Europe and Asia.
Tracksys Ltd
Tracksys Ltd are the distributors for Noldus Information Technology, SensoMotoric Instruments and SIMI Reality Motion Systems in the UK and Ireland. They integrate a variety of products, many of which are designed in-house, to provide complete research solutions. These solutions include the use of eye-trackers, behavioural and motion analysis systems, portable labs and remote site 12-volt video equipment. Tracksys also build and supply tethered and wireless mobile device cameras, infra-red lights and infra-red mazes for studying transgenic animals.
Xsens is a supplier of 3D inertial motion sensors for human motion analysis as well as industrial applications. We supply miniature 3DOF orientation trackers (MTx) which measure body segment orientation and kinematic data. With a set of MTx's we demonstrate an innovative ambulatory full body motion capturing solution.

Last updated: 5 August 2005