Seeing the complete picture: combination of telemetric monitoring and behavioral monitoring


Klaas Kramer

(Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

This SIG is intended to bring together researchers interested in the combination of physiological data obtained via implantable radio-transmitters and obtained from behavioral observation tools. Three leading experienced researchers will share the fruits of their years of laboratory experience working with fully implantable laboratory telemetry. Their presentations will communicate the details of the telemetry applications and methods they have employed to dramatically reduce animal use, to improve data quality, to do better science, to maximize the amount of information gained from each experimental animal, and to reduce animal stress and discomfort. An emphasis will be placed on the benefits of combining behavioral data obtained by different methods with physiological data.

  • Klaas Kramer (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Introduction.

This SIG will be interesting for technicians and researchers who are working in the field of pharmacology, toxicology, behavioral neuroscience and animal welfare, and for researchers who work with transgenic animal models.

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