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Measuring Behavior 2008 will be an ideal opportunity to show your products and services to a group of dedicated researchers and scientists.

The following companies will present themselves at Measuring Behavior 2008:

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare
Animal Welfare is a young dynamic company, founded by biotechnical research analysts. We deliver products and customer based service especially aimed at biomedical research.
Our products are a true addition, for example:

  • speeding and improving the recovery of laboratory animals
  • improving animal welfare
  • easier work methods biotechnical/veterinary personnel

Contract research services and unique instruments for pharmaceutical industry. Featuring behavioral monitor to quantify laboratory animal behavior. Provides finer spatial and temporal resolution than laser-based devices, quantifies locomotor activity and tremor and seizure behavior. Replaces several pieces of equipment by performing functions simultaneously. For rats and mice between 15g and 500g.


BIOPAC develops, manufactures, and supports data acquisition and analysis systems for life science research and education, including high-speed acquisition, amplifiers, telemetry, data loggers, stimulus presentation and virtual reality, transducers, electrodes and accessories. AcqKnowledge includes scoring and automation routines. BIOPAC is used in thousands of labs and cited in thousands of publications.


BIOSEB develops equipments for the in Vivo preclinical behavioral research. Our latest instruments, including sensor automated FST, Home Cage ActiV-Meter for long term experiments, Weight-bearing tester for freely moving rodents , Temperature choice tests (T2CT and Gradient) will be presented. Come and see us for your instrument needs in behavior, pain, anxiety /depression...

Brain Products

Brain Products
Brain Products: A leading manufacturer of neurophysiological research products:

  • Electrode caps for EEG & ERP
  • Active Electrode caps
  • Various EEG/ERP amplifiers up to 512 channels
  • BrainAmp MR Amplifiers for use inside MRI scanner
  • Analysis software including source analysis
  • Education hard- and software

Compumedics Neuroscan
Compumedics Neuroscan is the world's leading developer and provider of research grade technologies for high-density EEG recordings, electro-magnetic source localization, multi-modal neuroimaging and enhancements to functional MRI. Neuroscan products are in use at over 1500 universities, corporate laboratories and national research institutes in approximately 40 countries worldwide.

Delta Phenomics

Delta Phenomics
Delta Phenomics offers high-throughput phenotyping using PhenoMAP™, which allows objective collection and analysis of data in a novel paradigm: an enriched home cage provided with programmable stimuli, sensors and continuously video imaging. We transfer the experiment to the home cage, avoiding human intervention, animal handling and animal transportation.

Data Sciences International

Data Sciences International
DSI offers a wide variety of physiological monitoring solutions for respiratory, cardiovascular, and CNS applications involving acute or chronic studies in laboratory animals.  Products include data collection and analysis systems coupled with hardwired amplifiers, implantable telemetry, and externally worn telemetry.

BetterData, BetterScience.


Biomedical research and manufacture company. We produce devices mainly for pre-clinical investigations on fields of pharmacology & physiology.


Equipment for feed intake and activity monitoring in home cage environments. We focus in complete solutions for mice, rats and minipigs, offering hygienic and easy to use home cage based platforms with a complete data collection system allowing the operators and researchers to efficiently monitor their experiments in real time without delay.

16 - 17

Metris develops and sells turnkey instruments for laboratory animal research.
The product portfolio includes LABORAS (recording and automatic recognition of rodent behaviors), SONOTRACK (recording and analysis of ultrasound vocalizations in animals), SleepSign (manual and automatic analysis of sleep stages in animals) and integration of behavioural data with several other parameters such as physiological data.
Major application areas are drug development, safety pharmacology, toxicology, pheno- typing.

New Behavior

NewBehavior combines state-of-the-art science with unique engineering. We provide customers not simply with hard- and software but also with support and advice encompassing the scientific use of our products in almost every possible field of research.

10 - 11 - 12
Noldus Information Technology

Noldus Information Technology
Noldus Information Technology wants to provide the best possible tools for behavioral research, allowing users to improve the quality of their data, increase productivity, and make optimal use of human or animal resources.

Our product range includes a number of successful products such as The Observer, EthoVision, FaceReader, CatWalk, and PhenoTyper . In addition, we offer custom software development, training, lab rental, and consulting services. Besides standard software packages, we offer integrated data acquisition and data analysis systems, including PCs and various sorts of audiovisual equipment, as well as complete observational laboratories.

20 Smart Eye

Smart Eye
Smart Eye supplies the most innovative and cost efficient solutions in remote eye tracking. Smart Eye Pro represents the golden standard for head, eyelid, and gaze tracking in the most difficult measurement situations.

SensoMotoric Instruments

SensoMotoric Instruments
SMI is a leading provider of eye tracking solutions for the scientific communities in fields including vestibular, ophthalmologic, psychological, reading, neurological, human factors, sports, ergonomic and marketing research. SMI´s "iVIEW" systems are applied in a broad range of environments from labs over driving and airplane simulators, shopping malls, virtual environments to cars and planes.

Ugo Basile

Ugo Basile
World leading manufacturers of instruments for physiological & pharmacological research, our design and production team is in close contact with the latest developments in biological research and draws on a wide variety of expertise. We manufacture instrumentation for pain assessment, motor coordination, ventilation, behavioral, activity, and metabolic monitoring. 

Floor plan
Many companies have exhibited at Measuring Behavior 2008: take a look at the floor plan and an overview of exhibiting companies.



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