Prof. Sir Patrick Bateson

Emeritus Professor of Ethology, Cambridge University, United Kingdom;
President of the Zoological Society of London, United Kingdom


Sir Patrick BatesonAbout the speaker
Professor Sir Patrick Bateson, FRS (born 1938) is a biologist and science writer. Bateson is emeritus Professor of Ethology at Cambridge University and president of the Zoological Society of London. He received his BA in zoology and PhD in animal behavior from Cambridge University. Previous academic positions include a Harkness Fellowship at Stanford University and ten years as head of the Cambridge sub-department of Animal Behaviour. He was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1983. Bateson is a research scientist and science populariser who has written many books and articles on ethology, animal welfare, measuring behavior, developmental biology and genetics, gives public lectures and broadcasts.

Keynote Lecture
Patrick Bateson's lecture was entitled What new techniques for measuring behaviour would you die for? and was focussed on future developments in behavioral methodology; watch his lecture on-line.