New behavioral methods in the field of psychology

Schedule: Friday 8th June 10:00 - 12:50, G34

10:00-10:20    Ailsa E. Millen and Peter J.B. Hancock.
A Novel Behavioural Test For Detecting Concealed Face Recognition
10:20-10:40    Johan Ferrand-Verdejo, Bénédicte Batrancourt, Delphine Tanguy, Rafaella 'Lara' Migliaccio and Richard Lévy.
Apathy’s forms and neural basis in behavioral frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD)
10:40-11:00    Pauline Brugailleres, Claire Chabanet, Sylvie Issanchou and Camille Schwartz.
Combining two observational methods to describe mealtime episodes in mother-infants dyads during complementary feeding
11:00-11:30    Coffee
11:30-11:50    Pedro Ferreira Alves and Tâmara Rodrigues.
Building empathy: Preparation of professionals and peers for an optimization of mediation
11:50-12:10    Ana Isabel Pereira and Helena Rodrigues.
Songs’ melody and lyrics recognition among children: Developing an app to mediate the memory retrieval processes
12:10-12:30  Fan Xu, Linli Chen, and Peter Pohl
Analysis of monkey group behavior reveals “cheating.
12:30-12:50    Mikael Wahlström, Deborah Forster and Erwin Boer.
Self-confrontation with traces of one’s activity: making meaning of technology-rich in-situ natural behavior