New mazes and behavioral tests

Schedule: Thursday 7th June 14:00 - 15:20

14:00-14:20    Magdalena Monier, Sabine Nöbel, Anne-Cécile Dagaeff, Laurent Polizzi, Guillaume Isabel and Etienne Danchin.
The Hexagon - A New Tool for Multiple Simultaneous Demonstrations in Mate-Copying
14:20-14:40    Matiulko Irina, Murtazina Elena and Zhuravlev Boris.
The Model of Cooperation of Two Rats in the Interactive Rat Touch Screen Chamber
14:40-15:00    Robyn Grant.
The LocoWhisk Arena: A novel behavioural set-up that quantifies rodent exploration and locomotion behaviours
15:00-15:20    Michel B.C. Sokolowski.
New tools to study nectar consumption in honey bees: testing demand law in honey bees